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Case Study - IBG Consulting

Established in 2013 in Dubai, IBG is a team of international consultants who have years of local and global corporate expertise. Our people have diverse backgrounds, mastering different languages such as English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Filipino, Vietnamese and more. IBG specializes in forming onshore and offshore companies, handling complex international business structures, and providing corporate and administrative services. We assist our clients with the best possible solutions according to their needs.


Due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the corporate sector, they were facing the prospect of a downturn and needed high-quality leads to sustain the business.

The objective was-

  • To get 100 leads a day before the new financial year for Freezone and Mainland company setup.

  • To generate 300 - 350 marketing-qualified leads for the campaign duration every month.

  • To keep the lead cost under $13.

  • To maintain brand awareness throughout the campaign period.

  • To manage the social media channels and scale up brand awareness.

Image by Ismail Merad
Image by Toa Heftiba


After conducting an in-depth review, we studied the brand's unique selling propositions (USPS), customers' pain points and objections along with the competition and their digital strategies. We segmented the target audience to include freelancers who were looking for UAE residence visa and license. 

Here are some measures that we adopted:


  • To avoid thinning the budget since the locations outside UAE were vast, we clubbed all of them in one campaign and targeted exact match high-intent keywords with the main keyword as UAE/Dubai.

  • Keeping in mind that the licenses were expensive, we needed to reach high-intent prospects who are willing to spend for their business.

  • Focused efforts on Google Ads Search Campaigns since business setup is a highly researched sector.

  • Planned to develop a feasible budget schedule and a matching campaign layout based on research and analysis of keyword trends.

Image by Fredrik Öhlander


We exceeded set expectations and over-achieved every objective set at the start of the project.


Here is an overview:

  • Achieved the 100 leads a day challenge they needed to keep the business moving swiftly.

  • Out of the 1000+ leads a month, More than 50% of leads were MQL.

  • The CPC was reduced from AED 11 to AED 5.

  • The average cost per lead was $9.60 instead of the expected $13

  • The campaigns saw an average conversion rate of 7.20%. with the highest conversion rate of 15.64%

Image by Lucy M
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